Private Psychiatric  Assessments, Treatments And Reports

We offer a range of private psychiatric assessments, treatments and reports services. Learn more about the private psychiatry services we offer at IamPsychiatry.

Mental Health Assessment (1 hr)

Diagnosis, Treatment Plan & Medical Report

– Completion of a Pre-assessment form before your Medical consultation.

– Face to face consultation, and discussion of your most likely Diagnosis if applicable.

– Comprehensive Treatment Plan, and Medical Report to your GP with specialist Treatment recommendations.

– Free evidence-based mental health and wellbeing information pack.


Adult ADHD Assessment (2 hrs)

Adult ADHD Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment Assessment (2 hrs) Medical Review & Medical Report

– Initial ADHD Pre-screening to establish the suitability for the full assessment: completion of Pre-assessment forms.

– Face to face Medical consultation including Adult Functioning Interview (AFI), Diagnostic Assessment (DIVA 2.0), and discussion of most likely Diagnosis.

– Initiation of appropriate Medical Treatment for Adult ADHD over one month, if indicated.

– Medical review (up to 30 minutes) after 3 weeks on medication for Adult ADHD

– Comprehensive Treatment Plan & Medical Report to GP with specialist Treatment recommendations.

– Free evidence-based mental health and wellbeing information pack.


Home Alcohol Detox

Under Daily Supervision – Medically Assisted Withdrawal For Alcohol Independence

– Completion of Pre-screening to establish your suitability: Mild to Moderate Alcohol Dependence only (up to a maximum of 30 units daily).

– Nominated Carer must be able to supervise your detox at home on a daily basis for up to 8 days.

– Medical consultation (1 hour), Diagnosis, Treatment Plan & Contract, two further Medical reviews, and an Aftercare plan for Relapse prevention.

– Home Alcohol Detox prescribed by Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin: you will need to locate your local pharmacy first to dispense the private prescription at additional cost for the private medications. Home delivery of medications can be arranged at extra cost.  

– Consultant Psychiatrist supervision, support, and advice provided throughout the treatment process: daily contact by phone or email if needed.

– Home Alcohol Detox is not appropriate if a previous home detox has failed, or if you have a history of seizures or severe physical or mental health problems: residential inpatient treatment would be recommended. Please contact us for further information.


Hello! I’m Dr Iqbal

Consultant Psychiatrist | Psychotherapist | Director

General Adult & Addictions Psychiatry | Adult ADHD | Medical Cannabis

I quickly develop therapeutic relationships with my patients.  I have diagnosed and safely treated hundreds of patients for common mental health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis, Alcohol and Drug Dependence (medical detox), and Adult ADHD.

I am passionate about mental health and your safe and timely recovery. 

My Expertise


Alcohol And Drug Misuse

Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Bipolar Disorder


Clinical Diagnosis Issues

Medication Problems

Medical Cannabis

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Personality Problems

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


"I found IamPsychiatry on Google, and Dr Iqbal was recomended by my mother. I quickly felt at ease and came away knowing I could trust Dr Iqbal. I came away from my first appointment feeling more positive."

Ms O. F. – patient after her Mental health assessment for Severe Anxiety and Depression in 2016

"Dr Iqbal was very welcoming, made me feel at ease, and was easy to talk to."

Ms B. P. – patient after her Mental health assessment for Bipolar disorder in 2015

"Dr Iqbal was personable and easy to talk to. He came across like he really cared. He did his research and was prepared for the session and my questions. I would highly recommend the service."

Ms M. C. – patient after her Mental health assessment for diagnostic and medication advice in 2015

"You saved my life."

Ms L. B. – patient after her Mental health assessment and Follow-up consultation for Depression in 2008

"I first met Dr Iqbal at Cassiobury Court to complete an alcohol detox. Dr Iqbal is intelligent, empathetic, and kind. He provides first rate care and due consideration for the sensitivities of my condition."

Mr T. O. – patient after having successfully completed a medically-assisted withdrawal (detox) over 7 days for Severe Alcohol dependence in 2015

"Thank you very much for the service so far. K seems to be responding very well and I trust he will continue to make further progress. I really can't thank you enough for your help. It is so reassuring to know that you were there for us, and handled the whole thing in a very professional and understanding way."

Mr T. D. – patient’s father after his son successfully completed a 9 day residential medically assisted withdrawal (detox) for Severe Alcohol dependence in 2013

"I wanted to say thank you...I have a sense of being held through some painful and dark places. I could not have successfully travelled this journey without someone I could trust. Your kindness and compassion have given me the courage to find the person I have always been."

Ms K. H. – patient after long-term Psychotherapy for past trauma in 2011

"Thank you for seeing H. I found you very friendly and professional towards H's needs, and the fact that he has gained some trust in you in our first meeting goes a long way to show that you are a caring doctor. It has been nearly 10 years now and in that time H has had no trust in any doctors but despite this I was totally gobsmacked. I would very much recommend you to other clients. You have in one session given me something that no other person has been able to do in a long time and lift a burden from me as I have been the only person H has said that he trusts."

Mrs T. S. – patient’s wife after his Mental health assessment for Schizophrenia in 2010

"Brilliant service. No problems at all. Would highly recommend Dr Iqbal."

Mr S. G. – patient receiving long-term Psychotherapy and support for Emotionally unstable personality disorder in 2014

"I thank you for your recent Psychiatric report in relation to my client. Everything that you have said and done was invaluable to me and the Court when determining sentence. The report content was detailed and very, very helpful and indeed praised by the Judge in reaching his decision on sentence."

Mr S. S. – Solicitor after preparation of an independent Psychiatric report for the Court in 2009

"I found IamPsychiatry on Google. I felt very comfortable and I was able to open up easily. My overall experience of IamPsychiatry was excellent."

Ms C. K. – patient after her Diagnostic assessment in 2017

"The whole process from beginning to end was very professional, friendly and relaxed. Dr Iqbal is empathetic to his client's needs and offers sound advice."

Ms N. E. – patient after her Mental health assessment for Anxiety problems in 2018

"For the first time, I felt like I was heard by my psychiatrist. I arrived feeling hopeless and doubtful, and I left feeling more satisfied with the diagnosis. IamPsychiatry is a welcoming, professional, and excellent service. Brilliant value for money for the care I received."

Mrs T. T. – patient after her Diagnostic assessment in 2018

"Dr Iqbal was recommended by a friend whom he'd helped to get better. A very professional approach but one that put me at ease. I would highly recommend this specialist."

Ms T. R. – patient after her Psychotherapy consultation for Severe Depression and Anxiety in 2018

" I found IamPsychiatry on Google, and a NHS Primary Care Mental Health nurse recommended Dr Mohiuddin. I felt immediately at ease and comfortable in opening up. Dr Mohiuddin was extremely knowledgable of my conditions and explained anything in a clear and understandable way."

Ms N. U. – patient after her Mental heallth assessment for long-standing Anxiety and Depression in 2019

"I received a professional service which was excellent. Dr Iqbal is a competent psychiatrist."

Mr A. T. – patient after his Mental health assessment for long-standing Depression in 2018

"Pamela met me outside and made me feel welcome. I was introduced to Dr Iqbal and felt comfortable from the outset. A highly professional service combined with a compassionate approach. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you."

Ms B. I. – patient after her Mental health assessment for Depression and Alcohol dependence in 2018

"IamPsychiatry had a welcoming atmosphere. Dr Iqbal was very knowledgable and he had a positive attitude. My overall experience of IamPsychiatry was excellent."

Mr E. C. – patient after his Mental health assessment for long standing Anxiety, Panic, and Depression in 2018

"I found IamPsychiatry on Google. The doctor was very nice and helpful. I felt I was listened to. The doctor appeared to really want to help me. I felt like I wasn't rushed at all. I felt like, at last, my medications will be sorted out and I finally have the correct diagnosis. I felt very taken care of."

Mrs F. C. – patient after her Mental health assessment for past Alcohol dependence and undiagnosed Bipolar disorder in 2019

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