Prices And Fees

See how much we charge for our psychiatric assesments, treatments and services below. A 10% discount for advanced bulk bookings is offered to private patients for five pre-booked Follow-up Consultations, or after attending five Follow-up Consultations.

Mental Health Assessments

Mental Health Assessment (1 hour), Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, & Medical Report: £140.00 - £280.00

– Completion of a Pre-assessment form

– Face to face consultation and discussion of Diagnosis

– Comprehensive Treatment Plan, & Medical Report to GP (if needed) 

– Free evidence-based mental health and wellbeing information pack.

Psychiatric Consultations And Reports

Medical Follow-up or Psychotherapy Consultation (1 hour): £140.00

Medical Review, Psychotherapy Consultation, or specialist advice (15 - 30 minutes): £35.00 - £70.00

Face to face, Skype, Apple FaceTime, Telephone, or Email

Private Companies or Independent Expert Psychiatric Reports: £140.00/ hour

Private Companies or Independent Expert Psychiatric Reports:  £140.00/ hour

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment Assessment (2.5 hours), & Medical Report: £500.00

Initial ADHD Pre-screening to establish the suitability for the full assessment: completion of Pre-assessment forms

– Face to face Consultation including Adult Functioning Interview (AFI) 

– Diagnostic Assessment (DIVA 2.0) and discussion of most likely Diagnosis

– Initiation of appropriate Treatment for Adult ADHD over one month, if indicated

– Comprehensive Treatment Plan & Medical Report to GP

– Free evidence-based mental health and wellbeing information pack.

Medically Assisted Withdrawal

Home Alcohol Detox under daily supervision (medically-assisted withdrawal for alcohol dependence): £800.00

– Completion of Pre-screening to establish suitability for supervised Home Alcohol Detox for mild to moderate dependence

– Nominated Carer must be able to supervise detox at home on a daily basis for up to 8 days

– Consultation, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan & Contract, and at least two further medical reviews

– Home Alcohol Detox prescribed by Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin   

– Consultant supervision, support, and advice provided throughout the treatment process

– Home Alcohol Detox is not appropriate if a previous home detox has failed, or if you have a history of seizures or severe physical or mental health problems: inpatient treatment would be advisable. Please contact us for further information.

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